How to repair ‘Epson Printer not activated error code 41’?

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Whenever you need a physical copy if a document, you are going to need a printer. That is why; printers never go out of trend. Epson is a well-known name in the world of printing devices. Generally, they are user-friendly and can be easily installed with your computer. However, some printing issues are unavoidable and they can interrupt the printing work anytime. The errors can be like unrecognized printer, freezing issues, unresponsive printer or other error messages. One such error is 41 when Epson Printer is not activated. To fix this error, you can take the help of technicians via Epson Printer Support Phone Number +1-800-218-9750.

Error 41 arises when the printer is first accessed after booting the system. The reasons to face this error include- problems with printer software or printer driver, incorrect configuration of printer settings, and others.

In order to fix this error, the following troubleshooting techniques can be applied:

1.  Fixing System Errors
The issues with the operating system can lead to ‘Inactivated printer error code 41’. The error can result due to the printer driver related files or the printer related registry entries. Those who use the’ sfc / scannow’ command in the CMD needs to check the integrity of the system files. With the help of the original Windows installation disk, repair the operating system. You can also use a registry cleaning software to clean the system registry.

2.  Printer Configuration
If you are facing failed printer configuration, you can face the ‘Unactivated printer, error code 41’. This error can also occur if the selected printer is not set as the default printer to perform the printing tasks. If you are also facing ‘Printer not activated error code 41’ error, you need to check the configuration of the printer as well as restart the system background printer spoiler service. Use the printers and fax option in the ‘Start’ menu, and then select the ‘services.msc’ command under ‘Run’ to restart the service.

3.  Reinstalling Drivers
Another reason to face ‘Inactivated printer, error code 41’ is the printer’s driver has got corrupted or damaged. So, in this case, you need to completely remove the installed drivers for your printer using the Device Manager and then reinstall them after a while.

Using these quick-fixes, you can easily fix the ‘Inactivated printer, error code 41’ with Epson printer. If in any case, you are not able to fix the error even then, calling at Epson Printer Customer Service Number +1-800-218-9750 is the next best option. You can easily talk to the technicians about the problem you are facing while working with Epson printer. The technicians are certified and qualified enough to deal with the issues and provide you with instant solutions. The technical team is working round the clock in order to provide you immediate help and support for Epson printers. Feel free to call us anytime Epson printer is creating issues for you. The tech experts will provide you an easy and quick way to fix the issue with Epson printers.


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